2011/3/8 Paul Pak <ppak@yellowseo.com>
Hi Ruslan,

Is it possible for you to tell us the details on what you have done which measurably helped your situation, so we can start a "best practices" doc on growing cassandra systems? 

So far, I see that under load, cassandra is rarely "ready" to take heavy load in it's default configuration and a number of steps need to be done with the configuration of cassandra for proper sizing of memtables, flushing, jvm.  Unfortunately, it's very difficult to gauge what the proper or appropriate settings are for a given workload.

It would be helpful if you could share, what happened in the default config, what steps you did that helped the situation, h Tow much each step helped your situation.  That way we can start a checklist of things to address as we grow in load.

It will be great if you provide options that need tuning from best throput, i know only 3:

in cassandra.yaml


And jvm options:

-Xms with -Xmx - for heap size
-Xmn - for minor young generation GC