Just to inform that i finally compiled thrift extension to a .dll and performances are improved. I was forced to switch to a php vc9. vc6 isn't supported anymore by php.

Average access time were pretty bad before (70-100ms) by row and now it's 5-10ms. So nearly 10X faster caused by new extension .dll and maybe php vc9.

So it's good news... but 10ms is no really good performance compare to mysql or memcached on insert. So i'll make new test on a virtual machine (XP) to see Windows Seven impact.

I would like your advice on these performances :

CPU : U9400@1.4Ghz
Windows 7 32bit
Ram : 4Go
(my dev config In futur, it'll run on unix server)

Testing by reading/inserting 1000x the same row id 

Read : 7.2 sec to read 1000 rows 
Insert : 8.5 sec to insert 1000 rows

strlen of 1 rows serialized= 2604 char
1 row = 20 column
When i say row it's mean like mysql row.

Does it sound good to you ?
Are performances limited by CPU ?

Other observation is when i store my row serialized in one column i've got boost performance.


read/insert: 2.3sec/1000rows

when read/insert row not serialized 7-8sec

So performance does not depend on size but on number of column

So conclusion is that is better to store a data row serialized as i will all the time read all the data of a row each time.

Thank you,


2011/3/12 Tyler Hobbs <tyler@datastax.com>
On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 6:45 AM, Vodnok <vodnok@gmail.com> wrote:

THRIFT-638 : It seems to be a solution but i don't know how to patch this on my environement phpcassa has a C extension but it's hard for me to build a php extension

The master branch of phpcassa includes the changes from THRIFT-638.

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