thank you both. That makes Hector design much easier as well.

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 2:50 AM, Sylvain Lebresne <> wrote:
2011/3/25 Jonathan Ellis <>:
> You can't have them both in the same Mutation struct, but you can have
> them in the map<string, list<Mutation>>> that is the "batch."

Actually you can't, because we created a different thrift structure
(CounteMutation) to hold
counter mutations. Looking back, we really just did that to have a
totally separate API for
counters, but not sure that was a good idea. I've created
CASSANDRA-2384 to merge
CounterMutation into Mutation.


> 2011/3/24 Patricio EchagŁe <>:
>> Hi folks, I'm modeling the partitioned counters into Hector and given the
>> non-inheritance of Thrift, I don't see how to add a ColumnCounter and a
>> Column in the same batch mutation.
>> Is it possible do achieve? or are both in fact different mutations?
>> Thanks
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