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From Anurag Gujral <>
Subject design cassandra issue client when moving from version 0.6.* to 0.7.3
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 23:59:40 GMT
Hi All,
         I am currently porting a cassandra c++ client from 0.6.*  to 0.7.3.
The c++ client I had in 0.6.* used to function
conn->client->send_multiget_slice which used to take as parameter cseqid.
The sign of the function in 0.6.* was
void CassandraClient::send_multiget_slice(const std::string& keyspace, const
std::vector<std::string> & keys, const ColumnParent& column_parent, const
SlicePredicate& predicate, const ConsistencyLevel consistency_level, const
int32_t cseqid)

Incase the function send_multiget_slice did not return sucess. The code used
to wait on the socket by calling select and use to read data if the data
was available using recv_multiget_slice provided cseqid passed to
send_multiget_slice was same as that in the call to function
recv_mutlget_slice .

In Cassandra 0.7.3 the function send_multiget_slice and recv_multiget_slice
dont take cseqid as parameter.

How can I accomplish the behaviour of 0.6.* in 0.7.3 version.

Please Suggest

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