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From Peter Schuller <>
Subject Re: memory utilization
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2011 01:06:11 GMT
>> Nothing happens, because it _doesn't have to be resident_.
> Hm, but why in my case top show RSS 10g, when max HEAP_SIZE is 6G?

The point is that it is a result of how the kernel manages memory and
how it is reported in top. It is not reflective of actual memory
"use", the way users normally use the term.

If you take a file that is 1 gig in file and "cat" it, it will end up
in page cache. But that does not get accounted to any particular
process. If on the other hand you mmap() the file in a process and
stream through it, it will be accounted as part of the resident set of
the process. But it is not indicative that the process is "using" that
memory in the usual sense of the word.

Since this keeps coming up I decided to put up the little test I have
that can be used to demonstrate the effect:

You can run that and observe the effects in top.

That said, there's *something* fishy going on in that whether pages
get counted towards the process may be depending on something else.
E.g., I have a node with ~ 1 TB virtual/sstable sizes that is actively
doing AES (so should be doing mmap():ed i/o), yet I have exactly 10
gig (max heap size) RSS instead of > 10 gb. I haven't investigated
properly. Maybe just depending on mmap flags.

/ Peter Schuller

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