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From ruslan usifov <>
Subject Re: Nodes frozen in GC
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2011 19:54:42 GMT
2011/3/8 Paul Pak <>

>  Hi Ruslan,
> Is it possible for you to tell us the details on what you have done which
> measurably helped your situation, so we can start a "best practices" doc on
> growing cassandra systems?
> So far, I see that under load, cassandra is rarely "ready" to take heavy
> load in it's default configuration and a number of steps need to be done
> with the configuration of cassandra for proper sizing of memtables,
> flushing, jvm.  Unfortunately, it's very difficult to gauge what the proper
> or appropriate settings are for a given workload.
> It would be helpful if you could share, what happened in the default
> config, what steps you did that helped the situation, h Tow much each step
> helped your situation.  That way we can start a checklist of things to
> address as we grow in load.
It will be great if you provide options that need tuning from best throput,
i know only 3:

in cassandra.yaml


And jvm options:

-Xms with -Xmx - for heap size
-Xmn - for minor young generation GC

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