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From Peter Schuller <>
Date Sat, 26 Mar 2011 23:34:06 GMT
> What happened is this:
> You started your cluster with only one node, so at first, all data was on this.
> Then you added a second node. Cassandra then moved (approximatively)
> half of the data to the second node. In theory, at that
> point the data that was moved to the second node could be removed from
> the first node (since you had RF=1). However, Cassandra
> don't do that removing part automatically for safety reasons. You'll
> have to run cleanup on the first node for that to happen.
> So there was stale data on the first node, that never got updated
> because the first node was not responsible anymore for that data.

But this doesn't explain why he was able to read the stale data? Or
did I miss something about actually having removed the second node
from the ring after it was shut off?

/ Peter Schuller

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