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From Watanabe Maki <>
Date Sat, 26 Mar 2011 01:14:58 GMT
With RF=2 & CL=ONE, take care on that you still have chance to read old data which is not
replicated yet.


From iPhone

On 2011/03/26, at 5:10, Jared Laprise <> wrote:

> No, what initially started it all was that I needed to increase my EC2 server instance
size. So I removed said server from the load balancer, stopped Cassandra, and then shutdown
the server in order to change the instance type. I assumed the other node had all the data
and everything should keep running without issue. Almost immediately I realized I was missing
a bunch of data. Not fully understanding what happened  I was hesitant to bring up the other
node again for fear of data loss (again because I didn't understand what had happened). I
ended up bringing the other node back online and then everything seemed to snap back it expected
working order.
> Although after all the help from the Cassandra community I have a much better understanding
of why and how my situation happened, there was still one strange side effect I noticed. For
context, I store user accounts and other account information in Cassandra. When the second
node was offline and I tried to log into the site, I got an error saying invalid password.
Out of curiosity I logged into the cassandra-cli tool and looked at what columns and values
were present for my user account. My User CF seemed to have data stored from right before
I added the second node. I found that really strange assuming that Cassandra doesn't keep
any historical or versioned data? Again, once the second node was back online both servers
showed the expected more current data.
> Today I'm preparing to increase my replication factor to 2 and have been reading about
the proper way to do that. Although I've found bits and pieces, I haven't found any definitive
explanation on how to do it. Could someone please sanity check my intended approach?
> 1. Change the RF to 2 and restart Cassandra on both nodes
> 2. Run `nodetool repair` on both nodes, one at a time as to not halt up both servers
(will that sync data between the nodes?)
> In a 2 node environment and RF=2 using consistency level of ONE would still ensure data
is replicated to both servers, correct?
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> From: Sylvain Lebresne [] 
> Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 3:01 AM
> To:
> Cc: Jared Laprise
> On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 1:49 AM, Jared Laprise <> wrote:
>> Hello all, I'm running 2 Cassandra 6.5 nodes and I brought down the 
>> secondary node and restarted the primary node. After Cassandra came 
>> back up all data has been reverted to several months ago.
> Out of curiosity, when you said 'brought down the secondary node', did that involved
a decomission or removeToken ? If so, I have an explanation for you.
> --
> Sylvain
>> I could really use some incite here, this is a production website and 
>> I need to act quickly. I have a cron job that takes a snapshot every 
>> night, but even with that I tried to restore a snapshot on my local 
>> development environment and it was also missing a ton of data.
>> Any help will be so appreciated.

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