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From Paul Pak <>
Subject recommended way to grow a cluster?
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2011 20:28:44 GMT

I'm doing some testing of Cassandra and I've read a lot about people
running into situations growing their clusters.  So, I'm about to test
it with .7.3.  I've got a test node which is a single node with a
replication factor of 1.  I'd like to grow it to 3 nodes and a
replication factor of 2.  Then, I'd like to grow the cluster to 10 nodes
with a replication factor of 3.

I'm trying to determine a few things.
a) What kind of load it will put on the cluster that is "in use"
b) How long will it take?
c) Are there any gotchas in the process?
d) How easy/difficult will this be?

If anyone has any experience with growing clusters, please share.    If
someone can give an idea of what I need to do for growing the clusters
properly, I'll be happy to do it and report back anything I find.


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