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From mcasandra <>
Subject Re: problem with bootstrap
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2011 20:27:46 GMT

aaron morton wrote:
> The issue I think you and Patrik are seeing occurs when you *remove* nodes
> from the ring. The ring does not know if they are up or down. E.g. you
> have a ring of 3 nodes, and add a keyspace with RF 3. Then for whatever
> reason 2 nodes are removed from the ring. When bootstrapping a node into
> this ring it will fail because it detects the cluster does not have enough
> *endpoints* (different to up nodes) to support the keyspace. 
What causes a node to remove? All I did was kill -9 and then sudo cassandra
to start the node.

> IMHO bootstrapping is the process of pulling data the *new* node is
> responsible for from other nodes in the ring. This is different to joining
> the ring. 

How is this different than joining the ring? It will be good to see some
example and the difference.

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