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From mcasandra <>
Subject Re: problem with bootstrap
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2011 21:54:28 GMT
I think this not the right functionality and it is really odd that you can't
successfully bring it online without turning off bootstrap BUT you can bring
it online by turning auto_boostrap off and then run nodetool repair

Also, if that's the case then when one node goes down, say out of 3 one node
goes down then should cassandra eject other nodes as well?? Why should
cassandra exit on startup? That node could at least serve other keyspaces
and alleviate load while returning errors to the client for those keyspaces
where RF cannot be met. 

As noted in my other post regarding similar issue that I reported, I have
also seen wierd behaviour where I had 2 nodes down out of 3 and I was able
to bring up one of the nodes except the remaining one. You would think that
no nodes will come up but I really think there is a problem here.

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