Hundreds of thousands doesn't sound too bad. Good old NFS would do with an ok directory structure.

We are doing this. Our documents are pretty small though (a few kb). We have around 40M right now with around 300GB total.

Generally the problem is that much data usually means that cassandra becomes io bound during repairs and compactions even if your hot dataset would fit in the page cache. There are efforts to overcome this and 0.7 will help with repair problems but for the time being you have to have quite some headroom in terms of io performance to handle these situations.  

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On Feb 3, 2011, at 1:33 PM, Brendan Poole wrote:

Would anyone recommend using Cassandra for storing hundreds of thousands of documents in Word/PDF format? The manual says it can store documents under 64MB with no issue but was wondering if anyone is using it for this specific perpose.  Would it be efficient/reliable and is there anything I need to bear in mind?
Thanks in advance

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