I am trying to get the py_stress to work in Cassandra 0.7. I keep getting this error:


ubuntu@ip-10-114-85-218:~/apache-cassandra-0.7.0/contrib/py_stress$ python stress.py

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "stress.py", line 520, in <module>


  File "stress.py", line 185, in make_keyspaces

    cfams = [CfDef(keyspace='Keyspace1', name='Standard1', column_metadata=colms),

NameError: global name 'CfDef' is not defined


Any suggestions?



Shan (Susie) Lu,  Analyst

Accenture Technology Labs - Silicon Valley

cell  +1 425.749.2546   

email shan.lu@accenture.com


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