>From my reading it seems like the node that the client connects to becomes the coordinator node. Questions:

1. Is it true that the write first happens on the coordinator node and then the coordinator node propagates it to the right primary node and the replicas ? In other words if I have a 2G write, would the 2G be transferred first to the coordinator node or is it just a witness and just waits for the transfer to happen directly between the client and required right nodes ?

2. How do you load-balance between the different nodes to give all equal chance to become co-ordinator node ? Does the client need a sort of round-robin DNS balancer ? if so, what if some of the nodes drop off. How to inform the DNS balancer  ?
Or do I need a proper load balancer in front that looks at the traffic on each node and accordingly selects a co-ordinator node ? What is more pervalent ?