Version: Cassandra 0.7.1 (build from trunk)

- Cluster of 2 nodes (Say A and B)
- HH enabled
- Using the default Keyspace definition in cassandra.yaml
- Using SuperCounter1 CF

- Using CL of ONE

I started the two Cassandra nodes, created schema and then shutdown one of the instances (say B). Executed counter update and read operations on A with CL=ONE. Everything worked fine. All counters were returned with correct values. Now started node B, waited for couple of mins. Executed only counter read operation on B with CL=ONE. Initially got no counters for any of the rows. On second (and subsequent tries) try got counters for only one (same row always) out of ten rows.

After doing one read with CL=QUORUM, reads with CL=ONE started returning correct data.