Here is a recent presentation from that may provide some inspiration

Can you provide some more details on the data you want to store and queries you want to run ? 


On 6/02/2011, at 7:04 AM, Sean Ochoa <> wrote:

That's a good question, Bill.

The data that I'm trying to store begins as a simple point.  But, moving fo=
rward, it will become more like complex geometries.  I assume that I can si=
mply create a JSON-like object and insert it.  Which, for now, that works. =
 I'm just wondering if theres a typical / publicly accepted standard of sto=
ring somewhat complex spatial data in Cassandra.

Additionally, I would like to figure out how one goes about slicing on large spatial data sets given situations where, for instance, I would like to get all the points in a column-family where the point is within a shape.  I guess it boils down to using a spatial comparator of some sort, but I haven't seen one, yet. 

 - Sean

On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 9:51 AM, William R Speirs <> wrote:
I know nothing about postgis and little about spacial data, but if you're simply talking about data that relates to some latitude & longitude pair, you could have your row key simply be the concatenation of the two: lat:long.

Can you provide more details about the type of data you're looking to store?



On 02/05/2011 12:22 PM, Sean Ochoa wrote:
Can someone tell me how to represent spatial data (coming from postgis) in

 - Sean

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