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From Ritesh Tijoriwala <>
Subject Patterns for writing enterprise applications on cassandra
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 00:45:43 GMT
I have general questions on writing enterprise applications on cassandra. I
come from a background which involves writing enterprise applications using

What are the general patterns people follow in Cassandra world when
migrating a code that is within transaction boundaries in a traditional DBMS
application? for e.g. transfer $5 from account A to account B. The code
would normally look like:

        try {
                  A = A - $5;
                  B = B + $5;
        } catch (....) {

The effect of this is that either both statements execute, or none. The sum
of account balances remain constant. How does one deal with this type of
code when writing on top of Cassandra? I understand that consistency will be
eventual and its fine that eventually, sum of both account balances remain
constant but how to detect that a transaction failed and only step "A = A -
$5" has executed and the later step has not been executed?

Are there any sample applications out there where I can browse code and see
how it is written? For e.g. customer purchase order application, etc. which
atleast involves some concept of transaction and has code to keep things


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