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From Gary Dusbabek <>
Subject Re: Running multiple compactions concurrently
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2011 13:24:08 GMT
If your cluster has the overall IO capacity to perform a simultaneous
compaction on every node and still adequately service reads and
writes, then yes.  If you're concerned about availability, your best
bet will be to stagger the compactions.


On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 04:24, Daniel Josefsson <> wrote:
> We experienced the java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException when upgrading to
> 0.7.2 in staging. The proposed solution (running compaction) seems to have
> solved this. However it took a lot of time to run.
> Is it safe to invoke a major compaction on all of the machines concurrently?
> I can't see a reason why it wouldn't, but I want to be sure :)
> Thanks,
> Daniel

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