The Partitioner applies to the row keys, not the columns. Their order is determined by the compare_with and compare_subcolumns_with CF settings 

So where you say "get the last 25 inserts for a key" I'm translating that into "get the most recent 25 super columns for a row, where the super column names are UUID's and the CF definition has compare_with:  TimeUUIDType" 

You can send a get_slice where the SliceRange has count=25 and reversed=True. If you know the 25th col name you can use it as the start param, and AFAIK the operation would go faster. Not sure how this translates into calls against Pelops. 

This assumes you are using time / v1 UUID's that have an increasing order. 

Hope that helps. 


On 02 Dec, 2010,at 09:19 AM, Frank LoVecchio <> wrote:

Is it possible to perform paginated queries using Random Partitioner in 0.7 with Super Column Families whose Super Columns are UUID's?  I don't believe it is, based on this article:, and my attempts with Pelops.

Let's say I get the last 25 inserts for a key.  I now know the 25th Super Column UUID, and I want to start from there and get the next 25 inserts.  Do I have to change over to Order Preserving Partitioner?  I'd like to avoid this at all costs.