I'm new to Erlang and Cassandra. I just tried to do a simple insert and i'm getting below error. I'm using Cassandra 0.6.8 . I took the erlang library code from,http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/thrift/trunk/lib/erl . And generated thrift interfaces from the cassandra.thrift available with cassandra. 
Where am i going wrong? Is there any document available mapping the cassandra interface parameter types  to Erlang structures?
Details are : Windows XP, Cassandra0.6.8, Erlang5.8.1 [R14], Java 1.6.0_17.

I face no problems when I try the code in Java with Hector. So i guess i'm doing wrong mapping for erlang.

The code is as follows:
timestamp() ->
{MegaSecs, Secs, Microsec} = now(),
MegaSecs*1000000000000 + Secs*1000000 + Microsec.

Ts = timestamp(),
COL_PATH = #columnPath{column_family = "OBJ",
                      column = #column{name = "OBJID", value = term_to_binary(N), timestamp = Ts}
ARGS = ["TEST",integer_to_list(N),COL_PATH,term_to_binary(N),Ts,1],
{ok, C} = thrift_client_util:new("localhost", 9090, cassandra_thrift, []),
{C2,ok} = thrift_client:call(C, 'insert', ARGS).

i tried giving column value as N and also as term_to_binary(N) but the result is same as error below.
The error i get is following: 
=ERROR REPORT==== 4-Dec-2010::22:18:56 ===
Bad value on output port 'tcp_inet'

** exception error: no match of right hand side value
     in function  thrift_client:send_function_call/3
     in call from thrift_client:call/3

I get the same error when i try to use the "batch_mutate" as follows:
Mutation = #mutation{
column_or_supercolumn = #columnOrSuperColumn{
column = #column{name = "OBJID", value = N, timestamp = timestamp()}
Args = ["TEST", 
dict:store("OBJ", [Mutation], dict:new()), 
Response = thrift_client:call(State#state.connection, 'batch_mutate', Args),