as I got answered on my mail, secondary indexes for super column families is not supported yet, so you have to implement your own

easy way: keep another column family where the row key is the value of your field and the columns are the row keys of your super column family

(inverted index)

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On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 1:00 PM, Narendra Sharma <narendra.sharma@gmail.com> wrote:

My schema has a row that has thousands of Super Columns. The size of each super column is around 500B (20 columns). I need to query 1 SuperColumn based on value of one of its column. Something like

SELECT SuperColumn FROM Row WHERE SuperColumn.column="value"

1. Is this possible with current Cassandra APIs? If yes, could you please show with a sample.
2. How would such a query perform if the number of SuperColumns is high (> 10K)?

Cassandra version 0.7.