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From Colin Vipurs <>
Subject Triggering Major Compaction
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 11:37:47 GMT
We've had our small cluster successfully running in production for ~6
weeks now with everything working beautifully.  Over the weekend I
noticed the load on 2 boxes shoot up to 5-6x that of the others and
after kicking off a major compaction the load has come back down to
normal.  What procedure should be used for triggering major
compaction? I'm sure I read somewhere that just cron'ing it to run on
a regular schedule isn't such a good idea, but it looks like something
we're going to have to do.

Is anyone else hitting this and what are you doing?

Maybe she awoke to see the roommate's boyfriend swinging from the
chandelier wearing a boar's head.

Something which you, I, and everyone else would call "Tuesday", of course.

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