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From Nick Santini <>
Subject batch mutate with only deletions on 0.7beta2
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 22:26:20 GMT
since the 0.7beta2 version doesnt support indexes for Super CF or for
columns that you might not now the name yet, im supporting them manually by
adding a row on the same CF where the key is the name of the column plus the
value, and in the columns hold the key to the referenced rows

this works as in i can actually find my rows using the secondary index rows

but when i try to delete the original row i want to update my secondary
indexs, so i create a mutation map in the same way i did it when i saved my
information, but this time it only contains deletions for those secondary
indexs rows and only for the column referencing to the row being deleted.
but this doesnt seem to work, it comes back successfully (no erros), but im
still able to find the references to the deleted row in those secondary

is there any issue trying to run a batch_mutate with only deletions?


Nicolas Santini

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