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From Christopher Kung <>
Subject Cassandra Node Routinely Goes Down - 0.7 RC2
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2010 09:08:53 GMT
Hey All,

I have been having problems running 0.7RC2 where one of my two nodes
routinely goes down. Somtimes both of them go down. I am running the nodes
using Ubuntu Lucid LTS 64-bit with kernal version 2.6.32. Currently, both
nodes are running on micro instances on EC2. I will eventual migrate to
large instance...but I can't seem to get Cassandra to stay up for more than
1 day at a time

 I saw another post recently where someone else was having a similiar
problem, and the solution was to change to mmap_index for disk access mode
rather than auto. Anyways, the machines are 64-bit, despite being under
powered, so I don't see why that's necessary. I checked my logs and there
are no error messages. Are the nodes just running into resource issues?



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