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From Jedd Rashbrooke <>
Subject Re: Memory leak with Sun Java 1.6 ?
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2010 11:06:04 GMT
On 10 December 2010 18:37, Peter Schuller <> wrote:
> Memory-mapped files will account for both virtual and, to the extent
> that they are resident in memory, to the resident size of the process.

 To clarify - in our storage-conf we have:

   <!-- This should consume a LOT less memory, and stop the JVM from
ballooning immensely -->

 I know it's a matter of degree, but 3GB in a month feels like
 a decent-sized ballooning.

 JNA is something I'd read briefly about a while back, but now
 it might be something I need to explore further.  We're using
 Cassandra 0.6.6, and our Ubuntu version offers a packaged
 release of libjna 3.2.3-1 .. rumours on the Internets suggest
 a more recent version of jna may be required here.  Though
 I'm also considering whether we just wear this as a known
 issue, do a rolling restart every 25 days (very low impact for
 us) and hold out until 0.7.  We have a testing environment,
 but it's a pain to test solutions to problems that take a month
 to manifest.


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