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From David Hawthorne <>
Subject questions about cassandra-1072/1546
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 21:08:36 GMT
Can we get an update?  After reading through the comments on 1072, it looks like this is getting
close to finished, but it's hard for someone not knee-deep in the project to tell.  I'm primarily
interested in the timeline you foresee for getting the increment support into trunk for 0.7,
and some documentation around how counters will be supported from the user's perspective -
chiefly what a Column and SuperColumn will look like with counters and what the thrift API
will be.  Some documentation about the remaining issues and concerns we should be aware of
when using counters would be good, too, since it looks like there were some in the comments.
 Again, as someone not knee-deep in the project, it's hard to tell how severe they are or
how or when they would apply in general use.
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