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From Timo Nentwig <>
Subject Re: Memory leak with Sun Java 1.6 ?
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 11:01:52 GMT

On Dec 14, 2010, at 23:23, Timo Nentwig wrote:

> On Dec 14, 2010, at 21:07, Peter Schuller wrote:
>> In that case, based on the strack trace, I wonder if you're hitting
>> what I was hitting just yesterday/earlier today:
>> Which is suspected (currently being tested that it's gone with updated
>> 0.7) to be due to:
>> If the corruption happens to be slightly different in your case, maybe
>> it just ends up trying to allocate a large array instead of the
>> failure mode I got (EOF or bad cfId) on the receiving end.
>> Can you try to reproduce with the latest 0.7 branch as of today?
> I'll try to do so tomorrow.

So I git'ed 0.7.0-rc2-SNAPSHOT 9:30 UTC+2 and this one indeed seems to run much more stable
(still disk_access: standard), no problems to far (runs roughly for half an hour, 7.5M INSERTs,
running nodetool cleanup concurrently on one node). And it's also significantly faster/back
to usual speed. Hooray! :) When is rc3 going to be released?

Thanks for the support!
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