I've not seen anyone talking about it, nor seen it myself.

I just took a look at the docs for the Database Abstraction Layer here http://web2py.com/book/default/chapter/06 It seems to be focused on RDBMS back ends and standard SQL. E.g. it has support for transactions, executing raw SQL and creating tables. 

I'm guessing you cannot use Cassandra to back the standard parts of the framework. You should be able to use pycassa if you want to code things outside of the standard modules. 

Hope that helps. 

On 14 Nov, 2010,at 11:05 PM, Dipti Mathur <diptidmathur@gmail.com> wrote:


Is anyone using Cassandra with web2py framework? Is there a DAL that can directly be specified in the db.py module? Without this the login module and similar functionalities provided by web2py cannot be used.

Dipti Mathur