We're planning an upgrade from 0.6.7 (after it's released) to 0.7.0 (after it's released) and I wanted to validate my assumptions about what can be expected. Obviously I'll need to test my own assumptions but I was hoping for some guidance to make sure my understanding is correct.

My core assumptions are:

1) After taking the upstream services offline and inducing a flush on 0.6 nodes so that all data is compacted, I should be able to start 0.7 binaries on top of the 0.6 data files with no issue. 

2) When upgrading, I can change from RackUnawareStrategy to a PropertyFileSnitch configuration. My understanding is that read repair will kick in for the missing facility replicas at a rate roughly equivalent to the read repair chance.

3) While read repair from #2 is occurring, the now incorrect replica nodes will continue to be capable of servicing requests for the data that has not been migrated to the correct replicas.