Take a look at the sections on Load Balance and Token Selection here http://wiki.apache.org/cassandra/Operations

AFAIK the best approach is to list the initial tokens for your nodes in their cassandra.yaml. 

Nodes will choose random tokens with the Random Partitioner, which will not result in an even distribution. The best approach is to manually select them using approach linked above. 


On 17 Nov, 2010,at 10:56 AM, Brayton Thompson <thompsbp@grnoc.iu.edu> wrote:

.7 beta 2 here
I've been reading about load balancing and some sites seem to imply that using the random partitioner will keeps your nodes fairly well balanced. I am
using a 3 node cluster. 1 seed and two others with AutoBootstrap on.

Now i have read that autobootstrap can leave your nodes unbalanced, but doesn't that only effect existing data? So all new data should be distributed evenly from here on out?

This is not what I am experiencing, so I must be wrong. Of the three nodes, one is twice as big as another and the third has less than 1% of total data. I have inserted roughly 1.5 million rows into a single CF totaling roughly 600 mb's in data. Is this too small to be a good test?

Thank you for your time.