My understanding is the clauses are AND'd together. 

There is some nice logging from the ColumnFamilyStore when it's running the request, can you turn the logging up to DEBUG and send them along? 

The first log message will say something like "Primary scan clause is.." 


On 12 Nov, 2010,at 02:04 AM, Ching-Cheng Chen <> wrote:

Not sure if this the intended behavior of the indexed query. 

I created a column family and added index on column A,B,C. 

Now I insert three rows. 

row1 : A=123, B=456, C=789 
row2 : A=123, C=789 
row3 : A=123, B=789, C=789 

Now if I perform an indexed query for A=123 and B=456, both row1 and row2 are returned. 

Is this the expected behavior?  Since row2 doesn't have column B, I would expect B=456 expression should return false.   

I'm using cassandra-0.7.0-beta3 and hector-0.7.0-19_11042010