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From Carlos Alvarez <>
Subject Re: Capacity problem with a lot of writes?
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2010 20:29:58 GMT
Thank you very much you both Jonathan and Peter.

I will upgrade.

However, the point has to do with the fact Peter mentions. With smaller
memtables I see that minor compaction is unable to keep up with the writes.
The number of sstables grows constantly during my peaks hours. With 400MB
memtables the cluster is always compacting and the number of sstables grows

I don't see the cluster is io bounded even with compaction (disk
 utilization is bellow 60% during compactions) but I think that a large
number of  sstables affects my reads latency. Now I have 5-7 sstables during
the peak hours and when I tried with smaller sstables I saw a 30 sstables
(and then I got scared and rollbacked the change)


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