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From "Rock, Paul" <>
Subject CF Stats in 0.7beta3
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2010 21:43:41 GMT
Afternoon all - I'm playing with 0.7beta3 on some boxes I have here at the office and while
checking out the stats from one of my tests I'm seeing Write Latency being reported as "0.009
ms". I haven't done any timing yet in my client, but is this really microsecond latency, or
is there a mismatch between the numeric and the label? Granted, I'm not loading the complex
up at all just writing with a single thread to play with pycassa so the cluster doesn't have
anything to do but handle my write, but I'd like to make sure before I run off trying to talk
my manager into something :-)

                Column Family: NameServer2Domain
                SSTable count: 0
                Space used (live): 0
                Space used (total): 0
                Memtable Columns Count: 39718
                Memtable Data Size: 2531109
                Memtable Switch Count: 0
                Read Count: 0
                Read Latency: NaN ms.
                Write Count: 39718
                Write Latency: 0.009 ms.
                Pending Tasks: 0
                Key cache capacity: 200000
                Key cache size: 0
                Key cache hit rate: NaN
                Row cache: disabled
                Compacted row minimum size: 0
                Compacted row maximum size: 0
                Compacted row mean size: 0

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