Hi All,

I am a newbie to cassandra so my apologies if this question sounds trivial to most of you. My friends and I have been trying to make the source code of twissandra work so we can begin understanding how things work. We were sort of hoping to do our final semester project in Cassandra rather than MongoDB.

We have done the following:

1. Installed Cassandra (checked the cli - all works well) apache-cassandra-0.6.5 from http://cassandra.apache.org/ AND necessary python-cassandra-0.6.1 modules.
I already have django and other dependencies installed on my system.
2. Installed thrift (checked a sample python code - it executed correctly)
3. Checked out the twissandra code and followed the readme.txt to set it up.
4. Ran the cassandra server and while it was started, executed all steps in the readme file up to python -v manage.py sync_cassandra

This step just hangs. Gives no error message. The -v option gave the last line of execution as:

# /home/dipti/twissandra/users/models.pyc matches /home/dipti/twissandra/users/models.py
import users.models # precompiled from /home/dipti/twissandra/users/models.pyc

I also tried executing after removing the pyc files but still this step hangs. And on running the webserver, the 8000 port of localhost shows nothing on the browser. Can anyone help me figure out what we are all missing here?