Look for  lib/thrift-rXXXXX.jar in the source. XXXX is the svn revision to use. 


Not sure if all those steps still apply, but it's what I did last time I felt like feeling some angst. 


On 22 Oct, 2010,at 08:57 AM, J T <jt4websites@googlemail.com> wrote:

What is the latest version of Thrift that cassandra-trunk is is supposed to work with ?

I know Thrift 0.2.0 works, I'm using that on an existing cassandra 0.7 trunk install.

I recently tried setting up another casandra node and just got the latest version of Thrift, which is now at 0.6.0 but after getting thrift to build, which was as much of a pain as I remember it being from my previous install, I am unable to generate the thrift cassandra bindings - in my case i'm interested in the erlang bindings, but I get the same problem if I try producing the python or java bindings.

The error that occurs is below:

     [echo] Generating Thrift Python code from /opt/cassandra-trunk-0.7.0/interface/cassandra.thrift ....
     [exec] [FAILURE:/opt/cassandra-trunk-0.7.0/interface/cassandra.thrift:376] error: identifier ONE is unqualified!
     [exec] Result: 1

Sure, I could go through each version of thrift backwards, to 0.2.0 but given how much hassle I have building it each time I thought it worth asking you guys what the latest version you use is ?