How did you start the bootstrap and how are you checking if it has completed?

What do nodetool info and nodetool streams say?

The dropped message log usually indicates the node is under load. 

The log messages normally include the thread and file and line number with them. That's makes it a bit easier to follow along. 


On 21 Oct 2010, at 20:02, ruslan usifov <> wrote:


I have a little problem. In first i have one node, then i try to add second node, and bootstrap phase never ends. I use cassandra 0.66.
All streams which sends data between nodes ends with successful, but after that on the first node(which was originally)  i have follow warning:

 INFO 19:20:36,250 Sending a stream initiate message to / ...
 INFO 19:20:36,250 Waiting for transfer to / to complete
 INFO 19:21:31,921 Done with transfer to /
 WARN 19:21:32,468 Dropped 1 messages in the last 1000ms

And bootstrapp process never ends. On the second node(which i try to add) no any errors or warnings happens