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From Jedd Rashbrooke <>
Subject KeysCached - clarification and recommendations on settings
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2010 13:02:17 GMT

 I would like to check my understanding is accurate on how
 KeysCached is understood by Cassandra (0.6.5), and then
 get some suggestions on settings / OS FS cache interplay.

 First - my initial understanding was that if you set KeysCached
 to 100%, Cassandra would do a best effort to keep all keys
 in memory on all boxes in the cluster - but it would let some
 expire if it was going to run out of memory.  *Now* I understand
 that it actually just exhausts all its memory and falls over if you
 set this value unrealistically high.  Is this right?

 Assuming this is right ... I'm curious on the optimum settings
 for KeysCached.  Previously we've had problems here with
 boxes doing massive STW GC's, among other things - and
 we've been working towards a configuration that is a bit more
 stable and predictable, if not as blazingly fast as a brand new
 cluster unburdened by much data but with a configuration that
 means it'll drive itself into oblivion after several days.  ;)

 With that in mind, we're trying to keep JVM heap small - about
 3GB is our sweet spot so far - after experimenting with numbers
 as big as 30GB.   Even at 30GB we'd be unable to have 100%
 KeysCached anyway - so it was always going to require a
 tradeoff - and now we're trying to guess at the best number.

 We're using boxes with 16GB, and have an expectation that
 the OS will cache a lot of this stuff pretty intelligently - but I
 fear that compactions and other activities will mean that the
 keys won't always have priority for FS cache.  Short of catting
 the index files to /dev/null periodically (not a serious suggestion)
 has anyone gleaned some insights on the best tradeoffs for
 KeysCached where the raw size of your Keys is going to be
 at least 10x the size of your available memory?  Do you go
 small and hope the OS saves you, or do you try to go as big
 (but finite) as your JVM will usefully let you and hope
 Cassandra caches the best set of keys for your usage profile?


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