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From Peter Schuller <>
Subject Re: Benchmarking & Testing
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2010 22:28:39 GMT
> My question is: what are the points in the system that you guys test? What are the metrics
for the test-points? Any flags that you guys use to see if more capacity / nodes are needed?
> Thanks in advance. Trying to figure this out and figured I'd ask the community with more
experience than I have.

I would say the most important things are to know what your access
pattern will be like (how much reads, writes, big values, small
values; total number of values, total data size, replication factor,
relative to memory size etc) and then combine that with actual metrics
of CPU usage, request rates, etc. It is probably difficult to come up
with the one true way to monitor and test (this tends to be true
often, and in particular with storage systems).

So; look at things like CPU usage, I/O utilization (iostat -x -k 1 and
such or equivalent graphs), cfstat output etc. But how to interpret
them will be very dependent on what you're doing.

How's that for a non-answer? :)

/ Peter Schuller

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