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From Eric Czech <>
Subject Re: Silent Crash
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2010 05:46:33 GMT
Thanks again for the help.  I upgraded my JVM to update 22 but I'm still
getting the same error just as before, and just as, if not more,
frequently.  I'm thinking that the best course of action at this point is to
replace the hardware.  I would try the test builds, but I can't imagine they
wouldn't tell me the same thing.  Does anyone know of any other possible
solution to this sort of problem?

On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 8:58 AM, Nicholas Knight <>wrote:

> On Oct 14, 2010, at 10:37 PM, Eric Evans wrote:
> >> sorry to say, your best bet is to upgrade
> >
> > I would actually start with some large test builds, kernels work well
> > for this.  Use a high concurrency (> 4).
> Whether or not those fail, assuming x86, download memtest86+ and boot it.
> Symptoms like this tend to be bad RAM, and it's also the easiest thing to
> test (and, if broken, fix).
> -NK

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