Before inserting, the Cassandra.client is assined the keyspace .
 ColumnParent parent = new ColumnParent();

On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 4:19 PM, Viktor Jevdokimov <> wrote:
I didn't get which keyspace and column family you trying to insert to?

> parent.setColumn_family("Standard1");

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Subject: timeout when insert an indexed column

Hi all,
   I don't know if anyone had post this question , if it is ,plz let
me know the post.
   Here is the problem i met:
   First ,  i create the keyspace that contains a columnfamily ,and
the columfamily contains a indexed column . The code is :
       ColumnDef clDef = new ColumnDef("name".getBytes("UTF-8"), "BytesType");

       List<ColumnDef> clList = new ArrayList<ColumnDef>();

       CfDef cfDef = new CfDef(OperationEntry.KEYSPACE,

       List<CfDef> cfDefList = new ArrayList<CfDef>();

       KsDef ksDef=new KsDef(OperationEntry.KEYSPACE,
               "org.apache.cassandra.locator.RackUnawareStrategy", 1,


   This works ok.
   But when i want to insert a row into this columnfamily ,
           ColumnParent parent = new ColumnParent();
           Column column = new Column();
           column.setClock(new Clock());
           client.insert("index".getBytes("UTF-8"), parent, column,

This insert operation invoke an exception TimedOutException() ,but
insert other noindexed columns works ok.

  Anything wrong with my code ?

Best regards,

Ivy Tang

Best regards,

Ivy Tang