And what about uniqueness? Can we be sure that we get each row just once?


2010/9/15 Janne Jalkanen <>

Correct. You can use get_range_slices with RandomPartitioner too, BUT the iteration order is non-predictable, that is, you will not know in which order you get the rows (RandomPartitioner would probably better be called ObscurePartitioner - it ain't random, but it's as good as if it were ;-). This I find to be mostly useful when you want to go through your entire keyspace, like when doing something map-reduce like.  Or you just have a fairly small CF.


On Sep 15, 2010, at 20:26 , Rana Aich wrote:

Hi All,

I was under the impression that in order to query with get_range_slices one has to have a OrderPreservingPartitioner.

Can we do get_range_slices with RandomPartitioner also? I can distinctly remember I read that(OrderPreservingPartitioner for get_range_slices) in Cassnadra WIKI but now somehow I'm not finding it anymore.

Can anyone throw some light on it.

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