use get_range_slices with either a SliceRange start="", finish="" and count=0 OR SlicePredicate with column_names = []. This will return no columns. Not sure if the server will detect you are asking for zero columns and take a more efficient path, however it will not return any columns with the result. 

Note this will include keys for rows that only have deleted (tombstoned) columns.  Include one column name if you want to test for tombstoned rows. 


On 21 Sep, 2010,at 05:37 AM, Scott Mann <> wrote:


I need to get a list of all the keys of a particular CF. The API doc
indicates that "get_key_range" is gone now (I'm using 0.6.5), and that
I need to use "get_range_slices," which returns the list of keys and
their associated rows.

Is this the only way to get the list of keys? It just seems a bit of
overkill to have to pull the entire row, or am I missing something?