Cassandra doesn't support adhoc queries, like what you're describing

I recommend looking at Lucandra

On 9/2/2010 12:27 PM, Anuj Kabra wrote:
I am working with cassandra-0.6.4. I am working on mail retreival problem. We have the metadata of mail like sender, recipient, timestamp, subject and the location of mail file stored in a cassandra DB.Everyday about 25,000 records will

be entered to this DB. We have not finalised on the data model yet but starting with a simple one having only one column family.
<ColumnFamily name="MailMetadata" CompareWith="UTF8Type">
which have user_id of recipient as key.and columns for sender_id, timestamp of mail, subject and location of mail file.
Now our Use case is to get the locations of all mail files which are being sent by a user matching a given subject(can be a part of the original subject of mail). Well according to my knowledge till now, we can get all the rows of a user

by using user_id as key. After that i need to iterate over all the rows i get and see which mail seems to fit the given condition.(matching a subject in this case), which is very heavy computationally as we would get thousands of rows.
So we are looking for something like "like" of mysql provided by thrift. I also need to know if am going the right way.
Help is much appreciated.