Is it not possible to put the external host name in cassandra.yaml and add a host entry in /etc/hosts for that name to resolve to the local interface?

On 09/01/2010 01:24 PM, Benjamin Black wrote:
The issue is this:

The IP address by which an EC2 instance is known _externally_ is not
actually on the instance itself (the address being translated), and
the _internal_ address is not accessible across regions.  Since you
can't bind a specific address that is not on one of your local
interfaces, and Cassandra nodes don't have a notion of internal vs
external you need a mechanism by which a node is told to bind one IP
(the internal one), while it gossips another (the external one).

I like what this patch does conceptually, but would prefer
configuration options to cause it to happen (obviously a much larger
patch).  Very cool, Peter!


On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 1:10 PM, Andres March <> wrote:
Could you explain this point further?  Was there an exception?

On 09/01/2010 09:26 AM, Peter Fales wrote:

that doesn't quite work with the stock Cassandra, as it will
try to bind and listen on those addresses and give up because they
don't appear to be valid network addresses.

Andres March
Qualcomm Internet Services

Andres March
Qualcomm Internet Services