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From "Courtney Robinson" <>
Subject Cassandra for graph data structure
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2010 13:51:58 GMT
?Apoligies for the first e-mail with the misleading subject i was reading a thread and mistakenly
I've been using Cassandra for a while now and no problems. I have a new 
project coming up now that we're penciling out the data structure for.

The best we've come up with has turned into a graph structure i'm just 
wanting to know what people think because i
know there are graph db's out there like neo4j etc.
My idea however was to fork hector, remove all the stuff i don't need and 
turn it into a graph API sitting on top of Cassandra.
Main reason for this approach is because i am already very familiar with 
Cassandra and it will be fast to write a client or modify an existing
one than to learn a new API.

Do you think there are any gotchas in this approach? Any tips, pointers? 

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