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From Dathan Pattishall <>
Subject what are ways to keep the SSTable Count down low
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 19:14:04 GMT
How do you set the compaction threshold from storage-conf.xml? is this possible?

What is the consensus on a basic Key-Value store of setting the
compactionthreshold min/max from

./nodetool --host=localhost --port=8181 getcompactionthreshold
Current compaction threshold: Min=4, Max=32

to say something like 2/5 ?

The next question is why do you want to change it?

I noticed that all my outages are due to compaction. The SSTable count
grows from 4-11 and then a compaction happens taking that server
offline even with all the threshold tricks in
(-Dcassandra.compaction.priority=1). So, playing with this value seems
to me to be the right course of action.

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