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From Lucas Nodine <>
Subject Insertion question
Date Sat, 25 Sep 2010 02:12:55 GMT
I am working with 0.7.0-beta1 (distribution from bin on website)

First, am I correct in that since beta1 keys are now bytes instead of

Second, should there be additional data before the key value that I specify
(read below for explaination)?

I am attempting to perform a batch mutation when executing the mutation I
receive the following:

DEBUG [pool-1-thread-3] 2010-09-24 20:59:24,329 (line
397) batch_mutate
DEBUG [pool-1-thread-3] 2010-09-24 20:59:24,332 (line 271)
insert writing local RowMutation(keyspace='LawOffice',
DEBUG [pool-1-thread-3] 2010-09-24 20:59:24,341 (line
679) logout complete

*NOTE* 537472696e673a <-- that is not part of my key

Then when I attempt a get with the exact key that I passed to cassandra to
save the logs show this:

DEBUG [pool-1-thread-4] 2010-09-24 21:00:28,438 (line
267) get_slice
DEBUG [pool-1-thread-4] 2010-09-24 21:00:28,439 (line 416)
strongread reading data for SliceFromReadCommand(table='LawOffice',
superColumnName='null', columnName='null')', start='', finish='',
bitmasks=[], reversed=false, count=100) from 402@localhost/
DEBUG [ROW-READ-STAGE:5] 2010-09-24 21:00:28,442 (line
94) Read key [B@43da1b; sending response to
DEBUG [RESPONSE-STAGE:2] 2010-09-24 21:00:28,442
(line 43) Processing response on a callback from

*NOTE* get key and insert key are the same except for the values noted
above.  If anyone has an idea what I might be doing wrong, please let me

My keys are based on GUIDs which are being saved as a string then,
eventually, inserted into cassandra as bytes.

Lucas J. Nodine
Assistant Labette County Attorney
201 S. Central, Suite B
Parsons, KS 67357
(620) 421-6370

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