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From Robert Coli <>
Subject Re: Dazed and confused with Cassandra on EC2 ...
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2010 15:44:51 GMT
  On 9/17/10 7:41 AM, Jedd Rashbrooke wrote:
>   Happy times.  This was when the cluster
>   was modestly sized - 20-50GB.  It's now about 200GB, and
>   performance has dropped by an order of magnitude - perhaps
>   5-6 hours to do the same amount of work, using the same
>   codebase and the same input data.
You don't mention which version of the deb package you're using, but :

Is a performance hit which occurs as a result of the growth in data 
size, and could be your issue.

Have you checked for swapping behavior like the above while your system 
is unhappy?


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