That looks like it. I've pushed the limits up to 65k and turned down the testing for now. Otherwise machines were dropping like flies. 


On 26 Aug, 2010,at 04:16 PM, Dan Washusen <> wrote:

Maybe you're seeing this:

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 2:05 PM, Aaron Morton <> wrote:
Under 0.7.0 beta1 am seeing cassandra run out of files handles...

Caused by: /local1/junkbox/cassandra/data/ (Too many open files)
        at Method)

If I look at the file descriptors for the process I can see it already has 1,958 for to the file 

sudo ls -l /proc/20862/fd | grep "ObjectIndex-e-31-Data.db" |  wc -l

Out of a total of 2044. 

Other nodes in the cluster have a similar number of fd's - around 2k with the majority to one SSTable. 

I did not experience this under 0.6 so just checking if this sounds OK and I should just increase the number of handles or if it's a bug?