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On 10 Aug, 2010,at 08:58 AM, Pavlo Baron <> wrote:

Hello users,

I'm a total Cassandra noob beside what I read about it, so please be
patient :)

I want to setup a cluster with 2 nodes on one VirtualBox-ed CentOS. I
don't really want to start with the single node example, but with my
desired setup. Do I have to do much more than to have 2 network
interfaces so I can configure Cassandra nodes to run on different
subnets / IP-Adresses? Is it possible at all to have several instances
run on the same machine?

Could you point me at a doc which describes a setup like that? The rest
of the setup would even be a cluster of those 2 nodes, but even with
nodes running on the same machine. Background: I want this setup to be
frozen in the VirtualBox image.

many thx in advance and best rgds